Diet During Pregnancy

Healthy Diet

Pregnant mothers must take the necessary precautions during the early month of pregnancy by eating the right diet to ensure a healthy baby. During the early stages of pregnancy pregnant women should be eating healthy foods consisting of  iron, calcium, protein and  folic acid. Most vegetables and fruits contain such items.

You should stay away from eating raw eggs and raw milk as this may lead to various digestive problems which will affect both the mother and the baby. High protein food is good because it leads to development of tissues and cells of the baby. This means that you can go for green vegetables, lean meat, eggs, fish and whole grain food items.

You should include a good amount of protein and dairy products in their daily diet. A daily diet of 3 cups of low fat milk and skim cheese is recommended as they contain plenty of proteins and calcium. You can get protein from chicken, peas and beans and occasionally have a diet of red meat.

Milk, eggs, butter and bread

You must not eat too much of food that is cooked in microwave as it is not healthy. Also it is recommended that you avoid eating chocolates as it contains caffeine which can cause dehydration.

Precautions during the early month of pregnancy are important to keep you healthy. You must eat more fruits such as grapefruits and oranges which will help provide Vitamin C to your body. You should also eat more cheese, yoghurt and other milk products that can supply calcium for the development of bones of the baby. Consuming oatmeal, whole wheat bread and other green vegetables will provide the overall nutrients to your body and the growth of the baby.

During the first trimester you must ensure that you eat plenty of good and nutritious food for the growing baby and your health. As you are approaching your second trimester you should increase your calorie intake by 300 calories per day that will support the hormonal changes experience by your body.

Pregnant women should consume 3 cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruits along with their daily meals. The foods that they eat should have good amount of folic acid, essential vitamins and iron which is important for the development of the baby.

Fresh salad on plate

It is essential that pregnant women take the necessary precautions during the early month of pregnancy by drinking adequate water to keep the body hydrated. This is to ensure that you will have adequate amount of amniotic fluid to provide adequate cushioning required in the later stages of pregnancy.

You must always eat more vegetables and fruits that can provide water content to your body. Water is good for flushing out all the waste toxins and that is why you need more water that can keep your body healthy and nourished at all times.

It is recommended that you eat healthy foods so that you can provide your body and your baby with the best nutrients and vitamins. Precautions during the early month of pregnancy are important by staying away from junk food, alcohol and nicotine products as they can seriously harm the growth of the foetus.

Although, proteins, carbohydrates, folic acid and essential vitamins all are important for the nourishment of your body, but consuming only one of them cannot help you much. Too much of calcium can lead to various health problems for the baby and so will excess of protein rich foods. Therefore you should take all the nutrients and vitamins in the right proportion to allow the foetus to develop healthily.

Proteins can be found in vegetables, potatoes will provide carbohydrates, while bananas are rich in folic acid and milk is rich in calcium. Consuming the variety of the food will allow you to get overall nutrition for the development of a healthy baby.

Chicken breast with garlic and chilli on green beans

Pregnant women should take the necessary precautions during the early month of pregnancy by not eating raw eggs as it can harm your health. You may experience food poisoning after consuming raw eggs because it has a risk of carrying salmonella. The bacteria will be absorbed into the digestive system and create more problems for the mother and the baby. Hence, it is recommended that you have cooked eggs that will be more healthy and nutritious.

Pregnant women should consume pasteurized milk as raw milk or unpasteurized have milk have another kind of bacteria which can cause sickness and severe diarrhoea. This is not good for the health of the mother and baby as it can lead to dehydration and weakness.

Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids and is highly recommended as it can improve your health and the baby. Fishes such as king mackerel has high amount of methyl mercury and if consumed will affect the health of the foetus and the baby could suffer from serious neurological damage later on.

Pregnant women should take the necessary precautions during early months of pregnancy by avoiding soft drinks as they may contain aspartame which can harm the baby by cutting down the oxygen level to the baby and create major mental and physical problems to the foetus.

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