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Precautions during early pregnancy

Precautions During Early Pregnancy Trimester

You need to take precautions during early pregnancy; you need to rest a lot. Your body feels exhaustion and gets tired even doing nothing. This might start after one to six weeks and might not be the temporary phase.

A missed period is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms. In mere about a week after conception, your body undergoes hormonal changes.

You should take precautions during early pregnancy as you start to have backaches, cramps, constipation and missed period or bleeding in less than normal are the things you can expect at the early stage of pregnancy.

You may suffer stress during pregnancy as you just feel very tired and worn out through out the pregnancy period.

Women develop very sensitive sense to smell during earlier pregnancy. Pregnant women should take precautions during early pregnancy as the worst things you will experience while being pregnant is that you will need to urinate frequently and you tend to lose your control over it.